Though the Glee Live! tour has been on the road since last month, it is suspected that the 3D concert film of the tour began filming last Thursday night in New Jersey -

Billboard reports that JANE LYNCH as Sue Sylvester kicked off the show, walking onstage and shouting "Hello, suckers" to the crowd.  As paper bags were passed out to the crowd, Jane as Sue said, "These are barf bags. The show is that bad, folks."  But even more exciting was the appearance of GWYNETH PALTROW as Holly Holliday -- she sang CEE LO's "Forget You" with the cast, just as she did in the show.

The show also had the Glee cast performing all your favorites from the show, like "Don't Stop Believin'"  "Teenage Dream" to "Loser Like Me" to "Single Ladies."  If the special guests didn't tip us off that they were filming, watch the video, and towards the end there is a Giant 3D Camera on a boom.  Seems obvious to me!  The video is of the Gwyneth Paltrow part of the show.