'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez seemed to take it harder than the eliminated contest Wednesday night when she broke down in tears after telling contestant Chris Medina that he would not be moving on in the competition.

Medina had been a fan favorite with his touching story of caring for his fiance who was left brain damaged by an accident shortly before they were supposed to wed. The episode ended on a cliff-hanger, with Lopez claiming that she couldn’t proceed with the eliminations.

Do you think he deserved to go home?

This just in:  

JENNIFER LOPEZ can now stop crying over cutting CHRIS MEDINA from American Idol -- the guy is releasing his first song Thursday night.   It's called "What Are Words," and it was written and produced just days ago by hitmaker RODNEY JERKINS.  The song will be available digitally right after Thursday's edition of the show airs.  A video will premiere Friday at 2 p.m. ET on AOL.com.

 In a statement, Medina, who is the main caretaker for his disabled fiancee JULIANA, said, "To go from a mass audition in Milwaukee to the American Idol stage in Hollywood, and then to record an original song by and for Rodney Jerkins has been an amazing journey not just for me but for Juliana. To be able to work in the studio with someone of his stature was a dream come true."  (via ABC eprep)