JUSTIN BIEBER got waxed on Tuesday, as figures of the singer were unveiled at three Madame Tussauds locations around the world: New York, Amsterdam and London.  Justin was actually on hand in London to see his wax likeness unveiled, and later tweeted a series of photos of him posing with it, along with humorous captions like, "I knew my mom had more kids!"  The statues look very much like Justin, except they feature his old haircut.

The clothes the figures were wearing were all donated by Justin himself.  According to Billboard, the New York statue wears a black vest and black Balenciaga pants, while the London statue is wearing red flannel.  The statues took nearly four months to complete. (ABC)

I clicked looked at  some pictures of Justin standing next to himself, it was like Bieber cubed.  That must be a very strange feeling.  I feel that they got the head all wrong, as his real head seems bigger.  Much bigger.  But the jawline is straight on! Justin is also today's secret celebrity.    DP