The Hemsworth brothers celebrated 2016 together... with Miley?

You know it's big celebrity news when even Fox News picks up the story. According to multiple sources, Liam Hemsworth rang in the new year with his brothers Chris and Luke, their wives, and his ex Miley Cyrus.

Say what?!

The rumor mill pretty much exploded when Liam and Miley were spotted getting cozy and kissing at the Falls Music Festival in Australia.

Stop, hold on. I NEED to see pictures of this to believe it!

The two were surrounded by security to keep people from taking pictures. Despite calling off their engagement in 2013, the two have remained close friends. Back in September, Miley told Elle U.K. that they still love each other. In addition Liam told Men's Fitness their relationship was not just a fling.

We'll have to see where this things goes. No one wants to spend New Years alone, so maybe it was just a random deal. Or it could be the real thing. Like they say, timing is everything.

I guess this shatters any hopes of Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence getting together. She recently admitted for Andy Cohen that she and Liam shared an offscreen kiss while filming The Hunger Games.

Rats! We were so on board that that relationship.