Mackenzie is a favorite of mine on The Voice, plus he is a guy from the south, so that makes him super awesome. He is like Justin Biebers Southern Cousin, haling from Lafayette, Louisiana. Last night Mackenzie Bourg hit the stage and performed the hit song by One Direction,"What Makes You Beautiful.” In typical Mackenzie fashion, he put his own twist to the song, and the crowd loved it!!!

Mackenzie is now performing before a LIVE national audience, and the voting has started on the show. Your vote(s) can now help advance Mackenzie through the rounds and help propel his career in the music industry. Judges on the show do have the option to save the performers on their team that they feel are worthy of staying on “The Voice.”

Tonight we will find out if Mackenzie racked up enough votes to stay on the, but regardless of the outcome we are VERY proud of this courageous young man from Lafayette!! Catch the show tonight in about 45min on NBC at 7pm.