Here’s a look at the new movies opening today:

* Paul -- Paul is an alien, voiced by SETH ROGEN, who escapes the military base where he’s resided for 60 years and tries to return to his mother ship with the help of two geeks, played by Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz actors SIMON PEGG and NICK FROST. JASON BATEMAN and SIGOURNEY WEAVER also star. Rated R.

* Limitless -- BRADLEY COOPER is an author who finds himself in harm’s way after taking a secret drug that allows him to harness the full potential of his brain, making him much smarter and more successful. ROBERT DE NIRO and ABBIE CORNISH also star. Rated PG-13.

* The Lincoln Lawyer -- MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is a defense attorney who gets more than he bargained for after he takes on the case of a rich Beverly Hills man accused of battery and attempted murder of a woman. RYAN PHILLIPPE, MARISA TOMEI and WILLIAM H. MACY also star. Rated R.

I want to see all of these movies.  When I saw the previews for Paul I thought, another kid digitally animated movie.  But now that I see that it's rated R, now I got to see what Seth Rogen is up to.   I was impressed with the trailers for the other 2 for sure.  I would love to be uber smart, or a hot lawyer, instead of a DJ so both of those movies seem pretty cool as well.