A photographer who caught a snapshot of Cardi B's good side is looking to sue Viacom for reportedly using the images on their brands' websites.

According to TMZ (Jan. 7), the photographer Rebecca Fay Walsh filed a lawsuit against VH1 and BET's parent company Viacom for reportedly using her image of the Fashion Nova designer on their websites without her permission. Walsh claims no one from either website reached out to her to use the photos, and now she looking to get her paycheck.

The lawsuit states that Walsh is looking to get $150,000 from Viacom for each time the photo was used on both websites. Cardi B is also mentioned in the legal documents because she used the photo in a social media post back in September of 2018, and there are screenshots to prove it.

Despite the ongoing case between Walsh and Viacom, the "Money" rapper won't face any legal action. The photographer is probably well aware of her expert clapback game as well as the wrath of the "I Like It" rapper's entourage including her publicist.

When she made her way through an Australian airport with her publicist Patientce Foster, Cardi covered her head with a blanket to keep the paps from flashing photos and trying to engage the rapper. Things turned ugly when a woman who was bothered by the "Be Careful" rapper's lack of engagement said, "No wonder your husband left you."

"Bitch, I'll smack the shit out of you," Foster snapped back while getting in the woman's face. "Don't ever come out your mouth about her mutherfuckin' husband. Watch your mouth."

As of this report, Cardi B has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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