In this video volunteers are asked to smoke marijuana and complete a driving course to show what stoned driving looks like.

Even though some states out there still say, "No" on medical marijuana, there are plenty of others who have already adopted the once hated "loco weed" now turned prescription drug and have starting setting legal limits on how much marijuana a person can smoke and still drive safely, just like with alcohol.

Check out the video below to see how these "Stoners" perform under the influence and behind the wheel.

While they don't quite look like Cheech and Chong from "Up in Smoke" they are kind of funny. It seems that when they get close to smoking "9/10 of a gram" they are basically just like a drunk person on the road, with an obvious lack of control.

Would you be comfortable knowing that other guy on the road with you is high on medical marijuana, or would that make you a little nervous? Tell us what you think by commenting below.