Steven Tyler Drops The F-Bomb On National TV [VIDEO]
Oh why, oh why couldn't this have happened on American Idol? It would have it made it that much more exciting! I loved Steven Tyler's antics on American Idol, but this time he crossed the line on live TV... Namely, the Today Show.
Steven Tyler Cracks Me Up
American Idol auditions continued Wednesday night from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of past Idol Danny Gokey. The show opened with judges Steven and Randy singing the Aerosmith classic "Sweet Emotion." I was cracking up and he had me rolling on more than one occasion last night.
American Idol Returns For Season 10 Wednesday On Fox
I still remember watching the very first season of American Idol and watching it come down to Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini and watching Kelly Clarkson ultimately winning the inaugural season of what has become a phenomenon!
The American Idol machine has been cranking out some very memorable mom…