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Some April Fool’s Day Pranks Are More Creative Than Others
For some really creative April Fool's Day joke ideas, all we have to do is watch an episode of The Office.  Remember the episode where Jim feeds Dwight an Altoid every time he hears the Windows login chime, to get him to try to salivate like Pavlov's dog?  Some pranks take more time than others to s…
Free Gas! It’s April Fuel’s Day [PHOTOS]
Let me tell you this has been a day.  I have been Rick Rolled twice and been convinced that Chevy was coming out with a new El Camino. So I wanted to make sure you knew we weren't joking when this.  April Fuels Day is very real and will fill up your tank!.
The Best Celebrity Pranks Ever
April Fool's Day is today, and what better way to celebrate the day that it's totally cool to wrap a toilet in cellophane than to go through some of the best celebrity pranks throughout the ages?
Of course, by "ages," we mean anything within the new millennium.