Crack Head Kid Is At It Again! [VIDEO]
This is a thing now. This is my first chance to discover 'Crack Head Kid.' It started as some Vine Videos of this kid playing a little b-ball. Now it's evolved into a full mega mix!
Trick Shot Titus – Unbelievable Basketball Playing Tot [VIDEO]
Meet Titus. Super talented basketball trick shooter and toddler... All of these shots in the first video were made when Titus was between the age of 18 - 24 months! This video has become so popular, Jimmy Kimmel and Greg Marshall, the basketball coach of the Wichita State Shackers, took notice...
The Next Lebron James? [VIDEO]
This is flat out incredible! After all we've been through this week, I think we need a break and this kid is truly amazing! He really could be the next Lebron James! I wish I had this kind of drive! He's got some moves that have never been seen before...

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