Two Texas Teams Will Shake Up the Sweet Sixteen
Now that our brackets are busted and we're not cheering for ourselves anymore, it's time to toss those in the trash and really get behind our Texas teams.

There are two Texas teams left in the NCAA tournament, and I'm about to talk some trash and tell you exactly why they're go…
Seven Texas Schools Make the NCAA Tournament
There are some years that Texas teams are a little thin during March Madness, but this year we'll be well-represented in the NCAA tournament. There are seven teams in the bracket, and two of them are playing each other this week in Dallas.
Crack Head Kid Is At It Again! [VIDEO]
This is a thing now. This is my first chance to discover 'Crack Head Kid.' It started as some Vine Videos of this kid playing a little b-ball. Now it's evolved into a full mega mix!

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