Chicken Purchased in East Texas May Have Dirt In It
To say the least, it's not ideal to lift a freshly sauced and grilled chicken wing to your mouth and taste dirt and sand.  That puts a damper on the back yard party.
There's one company recalling its products now over worries about sand and black soil in the chicken. And ther…
Where To Find Healthy Food In Lufkin
Do you know where to get "pastured" "grass fed" and "nitrate free" food in Lufkin? I didn't and I am still learning so I thought I would try to put a little of what I have learned out there.
Rebbecca Black Gang Fight! [VIDEO]
Just imagine if you will that you could only lip read, and had to make up the lyrics to Rebecca Blacks - Friday.  Then this would happen.  We would have chicken to no eat.  And Barney.  Plus Gang Fights!