Buc-ee’s is the Best Gas Station in America
This is not news to us that we have the best gas station in America right here in Texas. In fact, quite a few of the gas stations that we see on Texas road trips are among the best in the country, including Buc-ee's and the Quik Trip. And you can buy just about anything there.
Starbucks is Adding A New Buzz Drink
Coffee drinkers unite.
Starbucks is adding a new drink that will not only give us a huge caffeine buzz, but it might also cool us off when the Texas heat gets cranked up this summer.
Oh, and does that secret menu really exist?
Coffee Lovers – Get Ready To Start Brewing Coffee In Your Car!
I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when my husband brought me  home a Keurig and no longer had to sit in the long line at Starbucks each morning on the way to work shelling out $4.74 for my venti skinny mocha latte but this, this takes the cake... or the cream in this case!