These Are the Top SFA Majors That Lead to Jobs
If you're going into college this fall as a computer science major, good for you. That will lead to a job quickly after you graduate, and there are several other hot majors right now that will let you reap benefits later.  Here they are.
This Coke Bottle Makes New Friends [VIDEO]
Being a college freshman in a new city at a new school is sometimes hard: you have to make new friends from scratch, and have lots of school work to do. Coca-Cola decided to break the ice for these freshmen with a little teamwork.
Always Close The Blinds, Party Hook-Up Fail [VIDEO]
Guy video taped his friend going up stairs at a party. The young couple went upstairs to get their hook-up on, but made the mistake of not closing the curtains. This must have happened up north. Believe it or not above Oklahoma, people don't usually have blinds...
College Etiquette Challenge [VIDEO]
With Back to School right around the corner and a lot of people leaving for college for the first time, I thought it was important to make sure you knew college etiquette. I hope this saves you a lot of pain and frustration!

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