How Do You Talk to the Kids When the Dog is Dying?
This is the worst part of pet ownership.  We've learned that Harry has major health issues and he's in noticeable pain, and we're faced with that big decision that no dog owner wants to make.  How do you talk to the kids about what's coming?
X Games Champ Caleb Moore Dies In Tragic Crash [VIDEO]
I had heard about this crash but I didn't put two and two together until I saw the pictures of Caleb and his brother Colton together.  The Moore brothers were in Lufkin on October 12th and 13th during Team Motor Jam's Monster Mania.  I know this because I took a picture of them t…
Comedy Queen Phyllis Diller Dies at 95 [VIDEO]
Phyllis Diller was an amazing woman that paved the way for female comedians for years to come.  Some of my favorites owe their acceptace to this housewife turned comedian.  She was known for her trademark laugh, and I always thought she was a funny older lady...

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