Dog In Suit Eats Peanut Butter Like A Person [VIDEO]
All my posts today are tuning out to be about food and animals. Everyone knows that dogs love to lick peanut butter.  I have heard a few tasteless jokes about that in my time.  This dog eats it just like a person, and he's dressed like a person.
What If Your Friend Always Acted Like a Cat or Dog
This is a fun video. I have 2 cats and a dog and this could not be more true.
I have always had at least one cat and a dog, but the cats usually never lived inside. Now we have 3 strictly inside animals at the house
Fly Dog Competition Gone Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
My friend and I used to train dogs for this type of competition year ago. Really I just watched more than anything. Seems as though this dog in the middle of the routine has to make a pit stop, and gets disqualified.
I love the announcers reaction, "Oh, NO...
Every Dogs Dream Comes True [VIDEO]
A friend of mine used to have a black lab.  They are a bit large for me, but they have great personalities.  They say every dog has his day, and this day is exceptional for this lab!
In this video a dog gets a grip of tennis balls.  Who has that many tennis balls...

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