Lucky Larry Sings Easter Tune On Helium
It's one of the most funniest and fun things I've done while on the radio! Back years ago when I was on a morning show with Jake and Janna, they had me sing Here Come Peter Cotton Tail after I inhaled helium from a balloon!
Lucky Larry Sings Easter Tune While On Helium [AUDIO]
Quite a few years ago I was on a morning show with two very talented people who talked me into doing some crazy things both on air and off! One of the silliest things I remember always comes up around this time of the year because I was encouraged to sing on the air, something of which I was not a b…
Easter Bunny’s Lap or Vaccination [VIDEO]
Okay let's face it.  Easter Bunny costumes are freaky.  Something about the massive head and those ears and huge eyes.  It scares the daylights out of children everywhere.  We had an Easter Bunny at the K-Fox Easter Egg Hunt and I thought it was great.
THE Meanest Step Mom In The WORLD! (VIDEO)
Yep! That would be me:) Okay, I don't really think I'm that evil... Actually, I think having a 17 year old hunt Easter eggs to surprise her with concert tickets she's been wanting is pretty much genius in my book!
K-Fox 955 Easter Egg Hunt Today At Noon!
It's a beautiful day for an Easter Egg Hunt! The K-Fox 955 13th Annual Easter Egg Hunt with the Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department, Presented by Lufkin’s First Assembly starts in just a few hours. It's at Kit McConnico Park in Lufkin...

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