Truck Entangled on Power Lines in Lufkin
This was the scene moments ago (Approximately 4:30 PM on Thursday, March 9th 2017) on Atkinson Drive in Lufkin. If you live in this area, judging by the number of power company trucks, you might have lost power for a short time.
No Worries, It’s Just a Flaming Baton Juggler
Texas makes the weird news files again.
Firefighters were called out recently to put out a fire in a grain elevator, and it turned out to be nothing more than a guy practicing his flaming baton juggling act in there.  Here's where it happened.
How to Put a Meme To Rest – Burn It [VIDEO]
Just when you think you have seen the last Harlem Shake Video ever, along comes another one. But if you want to put a meme to rest for good, what do you do.  Apparently you set it on fire and use fireworks.  Don't know why the gas can is so close to the firework, or on the car, or why…

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