Ashton Kutcher’s Dating Video (VIDEO)
Some people are calling it racist, but I personally think it's pretty darn funny! Check out Ashton showing his funny side regarding relationships. Let's face it, he SHOULD have a sense of humor!
A Guy’s Guide To Hugging Guys (VIDEO) NSFW
Guys, unlike girls, have a real problem with hugging other guys. They do the awkward butt out two to three pat on the back and back away as quickly as possible. Seriously, they STRESS over this! If you're having a problem how to correctly hug other men, we've got you covered!
People Of Wal*Mart (VIDEO)
OMMMGGGGGG! You've seen all of the pictures of the People of Wal*Mart... But have you seen them set to music? Lord have mercy, I laughed and laughed... Especially when they zoomed in on some of the leakage issues!
Today’s Funny Radio Station Office Prank [PHOTOS]
While our Business Office Manager was out picking up some new plastic tables for us at Home Depot today, someone wrapped her office in toilet paper.  I call it 'terlet paper' because it's fun to say, and it's not really toilet paper.  It's one ply.  Real toile…
How Diets Work NSFW (VIDEO)
Yep, I'm still on my Jenna Marbles kick and this time she's here to tell us how diets work. She must be right, because she's skinny and I'm not!
We’re Not Young! (VIDEO)
It's the answer back to Fun. and We Are Young and they did an incredible job!!! In fact, they did such a good job, I feel pretty bad now... Thanks a lot!

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