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Marvel’s New Iron Man Is a 15-Year-Old Black Woman
It’s been a persistent question for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans: What will Marvel do when Robert Downey Jr. decides to retire as Iron Man, either because he gets too old to play a superhero or too bored with the character or too rich to be wooed from his Tony Stark-esque mansion with promi…
President Obama: “We’re Building an Iron Man”
President Barack Obama spoke at a Manufacturing Innovation event on Tuesday and announced two new public-private manufacturing innovation institutes – in Chicago and Detroit - with a surprising revelation: "I'm here to announce that we're building Iron Man."
The Avengers Are Coming This Summer! Trailer #1 [VIDEO]
I am so desperate to see some of the Iron Man movies.  I have yet to see a single one.  I really like things blowing up, but just haven't had the opportunity.  Does anyone have a DVD of all those movies they can loan me for the weekend. I promise to bring them right back and even…