Gwen Stefani Donates $1 Million To Japan
Such a generous offer! If I had a million dollars, I would do the same. I'm surprised more celebrities haven't donated a large chunk of change like Gwen did.
Gwen Stefani is one star who puts her money where her mouth is -- she's donated a million dollars to Save the Children's &a…
Ke$ha Postpones Japanese Tour, But Show Goes On For Ne-Yo [VIDEO]
Ne-Yo In Japan 3.19.2011 from The Gentleman's Channel on Vimeo.
Following the disaster in Japan, Ke$ha has canceled her upcoming tour of that country.  Billboard reports that in a statement, the singer said, "I genuinely don't think right now would be appropriate timing for me to perform in Ja…
I Just Can’t Get Enough – BEP [VIDEO]
This just came out today.  I thought they did a much better job on American Idol than they did on the Superbowl.  For some reason that venue is just not very forgiving.   They filmed this in Japan.  I wonder if any big stars were in Japan when the actual earthquake hit...
Lady Gaga Selling Japan Relief Wristband
Lady Gaga is getting in on the relief efforts for Japan.  You can buy the wristband she's designed, and all proceeds will be donated.  You can get it for $5, but you can choose your own price and donate whatever amount you'd like.