Britney Spears Can’t Say Ke$ha [VIDEO]
While I agree those pesky dollar signs can make something a little difficult to pronounce, I think Ke$ha is big enough now that even Britney Spears might know who she is... After all, Ke$ha was featured on a remix of Till the World Ends.
Daredevil Ke$ha Goes $kydiving [VIDEO]
Ke$ha proved she's a crazy daredevil when she went skydiving in Australia.
Have you ever been skydiving? If so, when and where?
Click here to watch the video on PopCrush.
*WARNING: Song in the video contains a couple of explicit words.*
Before Ke$ha Was Trashy!
I used to watch the Simple Life all the time.  It was a guilty pleasure.  I like reality shows,  and fish out of water stuff.  I know it was vapid, but I just remembered this one episode where they staid with this family in Nashville.  Then come to find out they were trying …