Kfox Cash

The $1000 Winners Are Rolling In! [PHOTO]
K-Fox Cash is going out the door every weekday in May! Our first 2 play times hit today, and now 2 listeners are $1,000 richer! You could be next here are the details on the next KFox Cash cue to call from The Pool Store.
KFox Kash Continues To Fly Out The Door!
KFox Kash continues to make Thousandaires every weekday during the month of May! When you hear the cue to call, be the 25th nationwide caller to 1-877-584-WINS to win one thousand dollars.
Still Plenty of Chances Left to Win K-Fox Cash [AUDIO]
Every weekday in May, we've been giving you a chance at K-Fox Cash! Not just a little cash, but 1,000 dollars!  All you have to do is listen to know when to call to KFox 95.5 or online here at Kfox95.com.
The way to win is being caller 25 when you hear the cue to call...