How Much Will You Spend Before Telling Your Spouse?
We're talking about this on the show today.
Let's say you're at Lufkin Mall and you spot something expensive that you just have to have.
Do you need approval from your better half?  Or, after you buy it, do you reveal how much you spent?
It might depend on how much that thing costs, and men and women h…
Texans Are Finding Ways to Make Cash on the Side
It's not a bad thing.
Maybe you've got a full-time job, but you're looking to make extra money.  Or you're a full-time parent or student that needs to make cash in the middle of all the other obligations.
It turns out, Texas is a great place to make that happen.
Man Cashes in More Than 81,000 Pennies [VIDEO]
"It's not a typical day at the bank," says Prosperity Bank's Kari Lewis as bank customer Ira Keys brings in more than 500 pounds of pennies. Ira has been collecting pennies since he was 17 years old and hasn't spent a single penny in 63 years.
Thieves In L.A. Make it Rain! [VIDEO]
Okay this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Now I do take into consideration that this is wrong, and no one should ever rob a bank, or run from the police, but this is some good stuff. In Los Angeles some bank robber made it rain cash...
Who is the Highest Paid TV Actress? [VIDEO]
Well that would be the lovely and talented Sofia Vergara, according to Forbes magazine, She earned $19 million in the past year. With the Emmy nominations coming out this year, it's time to take a step back, and see who really deserves all this money and attention...
Today is the Last Chance to Win K-Fox Cash!
Today is the last day for K-Fox Cash cue to calls.  Be listening during the 11am and 4pm hour today for the last 2.  But the winning doesn't really stop there!   We have a chance to win $10,000 in K-Fox Cash right now on the web site.  Just click the link below to use s…
Still Plenty of Chances Left to Win K-Fox Cash [AUDIO]
Every weekday in May, we've been giving you a chance at K-Fox Cash! Not just a little cash, but 1,000 dollars!  All you have to do is listen to know when to call to KFox 95.5 or online here at
The way to win is being caller 25 when you hear the cue to call...

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