Sad Songs Make You Sadder
What makes you really love a song?  Especially a sad one?  It usually hits us, it resonates, we relate, and it fits our mood at the time.  And maybe it makes us feel like we're not alone in going through all the stuff we're going through. Cool.
Now the not-so-great news.  Songs can strike a chord tha…
2015’s Song Of The Summer Is…
With the summer of 2015 unofficially wrapping up on Labor Day, Billboard magazine has named their song of the summer, however it's a bit different than our online poll!
Ellie Goulding Shares Snippets From ‘Halcyon’ Album
Ellie Goulding didn’t wait long to deliver on her promise to give fans a sneak peek of her new music! Just a few days after she announced the title of the record, Goulding posted a short teaser video with clips from a handful of tracks from her upcoming ‘Halcyon&CloseCurly…
New Artist Sammy Adams is a Double Threat [VIDEO]
I hear new music on a daily basis trying to figure out what to play on the station.  Today, I think we have found a winner.  This guy has been pushing hard to get things going as an artist since 2008.  He started by recording on his Macbook in his college dorm room.

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