Just Text Me – Keisha feat. Brandi [VIDEO
Disturbing, that's the word I have for this video.  But it's true, why text when you have one thing to say?  Now this video gets the point across, but this guy in drag is super creepy!
Never Have A Water Damaged Phone Break Again [VIDEO]
New products are coming to make our lives better!  You have done it before, going to the lake, the pool, using the restroom, and you drop your phone.  It's dripping wet and you run to the nearest bag of rice to try to save it.
Can You Give Up Your Cellphone?
You know when you drive around East Texas there are certain places where you can't talk on your cellphone. You know like school zones, dead zones, and retro zones? I was thinking if we all had these hooked up to our smartphones we would be more likely to remember not to talk on the phone in re…