Watch for Harvey Price-Gouging, and Report It
With a week of high rain chances and heavy flooding for Harvey-impacted parts of the state, the Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau are sending the reminder to retailers that they can't hike the price too much on necessary items. If you see that happening, you can report it. …
Would Your Dog Say The Same Thing?
My dog would high five this dog and say Amen.
A friend of mine was staring at her phone and couldn't stop laughing, and I asked her what in the heck was so funny.  This dog!  She shared it with me, and I am sharing with you.  Pet owners will relate.
The Sun is Out!
Are we finally back to normal?  It feels a little more like Texas now that the sun is shining again, and it looks like it will shine all week.  That means five things will happen.
Texas Makes National News With Memorial Day Weather
Just as Van starts to recover from the tornado two weeks ago, more spots in East Texas get hammered by severe weather and flooding.  There was quite a bit of tree damage in Henderson on Monday, along with extensive flooding in Troup.  Angelina County reported high water on FM 2497.  B…
Rain Covered Roadways In East Texas Today Could Be Deadly
Turn around, don't drown is the motto tonight. Roadways all over East Texas are covered with water. Traffic is being diverted at the construction at Highway 59 in Lufkin, due to almost 4 feet of water under the railroad trestle.  This is causing traffic to back up all over the loop and 59. A tree fe…
Dreaming of a Wet Christmas? Santa Delivers.
So it's not white. It's a wet Christmas.
The rumbles of thunder make it seem more like April than December, and if you're traveling today expect the rain showers to continue through tonight. If you're traveling north, the chances of seeing snowflakes increase.
Thieves In L.A. Make it Rain! [VIDEO]
Okay this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Now I do take into consideration that this is wrong, and no one should ever rob a bank, or run from the police, but this is some good stuff. In Los Angeles some bank robber made it rain cash...
Plagiarized This Way?
Here is another song that might have made it into the Lady Gaga song born this way.  What do you think?  Comments at the bottom of the page past the ads.  I think Madonna is gonna sue, or give her permission.  But can't she just rip off the rest of her songs if that happens.…