Princess Wand Reveals Scary Image [VIDEO]
I have seen this a couple of times and apparently it won't go away till I tell you about it. Some lady bought a product that was labeled correctly but put in the wrong place. It was a Princess Wand with a scary picture behind the label.
This Gross Chainsaw Massacre Prank Is Crazy! [SCARY]
This one is not for the kids. You know Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well how about we bring that to real life in a parking garage for you. Nope? Well too bad here it is, complete with a legless man to serve as someone that had been chopped up. Happy Halloween!
Easter Bunny’s Lap or Vaccination [VIDEO]
Okay let's face it.  Easter Bunny costumes are freaky.  Something about the massive head and those ears and huge eyes.  It scares the daylights out of children everywhere.  We had an Easter Bunny at the K-Fox Easter Egg Hunt and I thought it was great.