Get Free Tickets Here for SFA’s Cram the Coliseum Games
The SFA Ladyjack and Lumberjack basketball teams are ready for the annual Cram the Coliseum event when they take on the A&M Corpus Christi Islanders this Saturday, Feb. 13. The women's game begins at 3:30 p.m., and the men's game will start at 6 p.m. in the William R. Johnson Colis…
People Are Awesome Part 2 [VIDEO]
The original People Are Awesome hit YouTube and took it by storm resulting in over 55 million views. Guess what? People Are Awesome 2013, or part 2, is now here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! It WILL take your breath away!
Line Dancing Horse (VIDEO)
Oh my! Dressage is the sport of the Summer according to Stephen Cobert and his Colbert Nation... According to Yahoo! Sports, Equestrian is the hardest event to master at the Summer Olympics and now, now we have line dancing horses. SMH
Would You Be Part of a Wife-Carrying Competition in Lufkin?
These athletes are serious! Check out the video for the recent wife-carrying contest, won for the 4th time by a couple from Finland.
It got me thinking, what if we organized a similar event in Lufkin? Husbands, are you strong enough to pile your wives on your shoulders and carry her over hurdles an…
LMFAO Free Style Dressage (VIDEO)
Yes, I'm aware I post way too much about horses, but you've gotta see this to believe it! Anyone who has any experience will be amazed! Bent Jensen is AWESOME! I love the Wiggle!

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