Rihanna Gets Maori Tattoo Using Chisel And Hammer [VIDEO]
Rihanna took a break during the New Zealand stop of her current tour to get a Maori tattoo, done with a chisel and hammer. She hasn't posted a pic of the new ink yet, but you can check out a video of her getting the work done that was posted by the artist under the cut.
Miley Cyrus Tattoo Fail or Win? [PICTURE]
I have been watching lots of episodes of Bad Ink and this guy might make a visit to the show in a few years. I think this tattoo is well done, but the subject matter might not hold up over time.
Rihanna Gets Risque New Tattoo in Honor of Her Grandmother
Usually when someone gets a tattoo in honor of a fallen relative, you they'll get it somewhere innocuous -- an arm, a shoulder, a calf. But Rihanna isn't just anybody, and when she got inked in honor of her beloved "GranGran," she went big -- and, almost predictably in he…
‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Drake ‘YOLO’ Tattoo
It seems like everyone is getting a Drake tattoo nowadays. The latest victim, er, we mean, person to get a tat is reality star Jenelle Evans of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom.’ The 20-year-old TV mom recently posted photos of her new tattoo “YOLO,” …

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