5 Unfortunate Autocorrect Fails That Could Happen to Anyone
Autocorrect happens.

Like that time we meant to type something harmless about an enemy, and it came out referencing a really awkward and uncomfortable medical procedure.

There are an endless number of funny autocorrect fails out there, and here are 5 silly clean ones to make your day.
This Is The Best Way To Save A Water-Logged Phone
Oh, the horror when we jump off the boat into Sam Rayburn Lake, only to realize the phone is still in our pockets!  And sometimes it falls into the toilet and gets soaked that way. Besides panic, what is the first thing we should do?  This method is the best one to save a wet phone, accord…
Old TVs Create Big Trash Problems. Lufkin Offers Help.
Flat screens are everywhere now, and while they look great at our favorite bars and restaurants and on the walls at home, they've created some serious issues for city trash collections.  The old boxy TV sets that have been replaced by flat screens can't just be junked, because th…
What if Tinder Had Happened in the 80s?
Tinder is a pretty slick dating tool these days if you have a little patience and don't mind weeding through a few frogs on the journey toward that handsome prince you're dreaming about.  Guys with pics holding up dead fish and dead game are a plenty, and if you spend five minutes on …
iPhone Users Have More Whoopy and More Interesting Facts [VIDEO]
Did you know if you're more interested in Twitter, you're generally more interested in sex than the average Facebook user. Did you know iPhone users have more sex than any other device user. Yep, they have more partners, too. Prove us right, prove us wrong, tell us if it's true...
Are We Losing Our Humanity?
It's one of those questions that's been on everyone's mind lately; are we losing our humanity or slowly gaining more consciousness about the world around us?

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