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Farrah Abraham’s Other Video… [VIDEO]
In addition to the other *ahem* 'video adventures' of Farrah Abraham, previously of MTV's Teen Mom and star of Vivid Entertainment's Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom has more online material.
Farrah Abraham’s ‘Tape’ is Out Today… [VIDEO]
WHAT would YOU do #IF??? #TeamVivid @Keek
May 2, 2013| Source: Keek.com
Apprently, Farrah Abraham from MTV's Teen Mom feels like she has an awesome body. She's 21 and tired of feeling alone because of jerk boyfriend after jerk boyfriend treat her badly and try to get close because of he…
‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Drake ‘YOLO’ Tattoo
It seems like everyone is getting a Drake tattoo nowadays. The latest victim, er, we mean, person to get a tat is reality star Jenelle Evans of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom.’ The 20-year-old TV mom recently posted photos of her new tattoo “YOLO,” …