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New Report Indicates Gamers Are Frequent Moviegoers As Well
While my Twitter mentions and my inbox’s spam folder have made it abundantly clear that video game enthusiasts do not like movie critics, by and large, they do like movies. The video gaming site Machinima (itself a property of Warner Bros., which is worth knowing) recently conducted a survey …
KFox 955 Let’s Play – Goat Simulator [VIDEO]
With the Geeks, Games, and Gadgets event right around the corner, I am starting a new video series in which I play wacky games that are somewhat family safe and sometimes silly. Since I had a conversation with a goat a few weeks ago, we already had tons of goat audio, so this was a shoe in!
Gamer Proposes to Girlfriend Via Custom Role Playing Game
If you're a gamer and you find yourself a girlfriend who also loves spending marathon sessions in front of a screen you should probably seriously consider locking her down for life.
That's what Redditor Marchaka was thinking with his special lady Michelle, who shares his passion for video games. So, …

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