People Of Wal*Mart (VIDEO)
OMMMGGGGGG! You've seen all of the pictures of the People of Wal*Mart... But have you seen them set to music? Lord have mercy, I laughed and laughed... Especially when they zoomed in on some of the leakage issues!
Drunk On Hand Sanitizer?!?!?! (VIDEO)
I guess I can see why... It does have a high alcohol content, but I sure can't imagine drinking hand sanitizer. I bet it tastes like crap and stings to boot! But according to recent reports, that is exactly what teens have been doing in pursuit of a cheap buzz.
How Diets Work NSFW (VIDEO)
Yep, I'm still on my Jenna Marbles kick and this time she's here to tell us how diets work. She must be right, because she's skinny and I'm not!
We’re Not Young! (VIDEO)
It's the answer back to Fun. and We Are Young and they did an incredible job!!! In fact, they did such a good job, I feel pretty bad now... Thanks a lot!
The History Of Viral Video’s In 3 Min [VIDEO]
Have you been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years?  Never seen any video's ever.  Come on Charlie bit my finger? Nothing?  Well let's get you all caught up.  This video is just about all that we have amassed from years of You Tube and computers...

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