Along with the Holidays and shopping and Christmas Carols and office parties also comes the dreaded shoplifter. You'd think by now all stores would have security systems that could pick up any thing not scanned at the register leaving the store, but this apparently isn't the case. And even more, you won't believe what the top 10 shoplifted items are according to Adweek!




1. Filet Mignon - Nothing like a steak stuck down your pants for seasoning and flavor!

2. Jameson - At least they have good taste. If you're going to steal booze, make it high dollar!

3. Electric Tools - What is this? Like electric toothbrushes?!?! I don't want to think of anything else!

4. iPhone4 - Don't put your phone down!!! I'd like to know how they get it activated though.

5. Gillette Mach 4 - Razors?! Really?!?! You're going to risk jail for a RAZOR?!?!

6. Axe -  That's cuz a player's got to smell good for the ladies!

7. Polo Ralph Lauren - I bet it's the Big Pony line!

8. Let's Rock Elmo - Momma can't let junior go without something under the Christmas tree. Maybe she should budget better... or skip the crack.

9. Chanel No. 5 - At least women are going for the fancy stuff... ie: not Axe

10. Nikes - Cuz you gotta be able to run from the cops!