Wow!!! I got back in from Vegas LATE Sunday night and it was big fun... 14+ hours spent in the airport each way, but we'll discuss Delta and their short comings later. I flew in Saturday for girls weekend and to see The Script at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay. They were truly incredible. I mean, like emotionally and kinda like a religious experience, incredible. I hope some day The Script will be as big in the states as they are in Europe. Let's see. I know you want me to get to the pics but I have to tell you, Tao was incredible. I'm not a clubby kind of girl, but it was pretty dang cool and LMFAO made an appearance the night we were there... Of course, I was too busy looking at Danny and Ben from The Script. What? You just don't get eye candy like that up close and personal that often in my world;) We ate at one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants Saturday and at Ferraro's Sunday. Both were pretty amazing! All in all, a good time was had and yes, the pictures are below. And no, I didn't get inked... but I would have;) A BIG shout out and thanks to Epic Records for making this all happen!