Kristen Stewart publicly apologized for cheating on Robert Pattinson, now fans everywhere are expressing their opinions. Although some people don’t really care what happened, there are always THOSE fans that take the situation a little too far.


I think that this will definitely put Robert Pattinson up on a pedestal even more for these fans, some I am sure hope he breaks up with her so they can think they have a chance with him. I am sure everyone would like to know the effect that this is going to have on there relationship, but my theory is that there never has been one, or that it's been over for a long time. Could just be the studio making them play it up for now. They used to have control over relationships like this in the past, and I think it worked and hasn't changed much.

Check out this fan’s dramatic reaction to Kristen Stewart’s apology and let us know if she was a little TOO extreme! (NSFW LANGUAGE!)