The Kidd Kraddick crew chimed in on a very touchy subject: the annoying things restaurant customers do that annoy servers.

Fox News had put together the list of eight things waiters at restaurants absolutely detest that patrons often do:

  1. Stacking Your Plates
  2. Don’t Let Your Kids Misbehave
  3. Making A Mess
  4. Don’t Talk On Phone
  5. Put Your Phone Away
  6. Walk in at Closing Time
  7. Bad Tippers
  8. Lying about Allergies

Kellie said she didn't mind the inclusion of bringing unruly children to a restaurant, despite having a child herself. And the entire crew agreed that talking on your cell phone inside a restaurant is a big no-no.

Check out Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's take on the list, and, if you're a waiter or waitress yourself, share your own annoying things people do.