This is a question that I have heard for years. "Why doesn't MTV play music video's anymore?" Ever since MTV's First year of Real World back in 1992, I have heard this same complaint. Now you get your answer. BTW the cast of that original episode are all over 40 years old now!

I have a saying "Tale as old as time". Yeah, a good line from Beauty and the Beast, so what. But it really stands true. This video really lays it out there. Because if MTV still played video's, it wouldn't be the videos you want to see. Check out MTV classic or VH1 because that is where you belong now. This video is explicit, but is beeped, but there are still some gestures that are NSFW. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! I would assume that this is not actually MTV answering this question, but you never know. It just got real up in here!