She is saying that she did this to be unattractive to men. So of course the first thing you do is take a video of you dancing in a tri-top bikini. Plus, I am fairly certain that Jasmine "Tridevil" is not her given name.

I am pretty sure that Mrs.Triceratops was a special level of crazy to start with. That means she was already pretty unattractive to normal men. Adding a third breast was overkill. This will do nothing but help her stand out, thus making her more attractive to the wrong kind of men. I mean 3 is better than 2 right?

The only thing I hate more than an attention seeking tricycle lady is one that shows up on my Facebook feed more than 20 times in one day. Scroll, scroll, yep there she is again. I think I need to hide a few more people from my feed.

If this is true, which it seems like it is, she will never go away. Look for her to get her own TV special. We will be looking at this person for the rest of our natural lives. Would you do something over the top to become famous? How about a 3rd arm. I could really use one. Let me know how you feel about it in the comments!