Post-it notes are know as a solution without a problem.  They were invented by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver. They headline this amazing video of this very cool Rube Goldberg-esque device.

Before you jot down a note on the pad next to you think about why it's there. Scientists are always coming up with solutions to every day problems. I think the promotional team at 3M show with this video, even if there is no problem to solve, inspiring others is a great way to make a difference. This is really interesting to watch, even if you don't use any painters tape, video tape, post-it's, or the tons of stuff we utilize every day from them, that we don't even think about.

From 3M YouTube -

Science is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our inspiration and our medium.

It's how the hard work gets done. How the toughest problems get solved. Our Rube Goldberg machine and its parts are inspired by this. No other company applies science like we do.

Here, invisible forces — physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, energy — combine to make something visible, something truly inspiring. A 3M Brand Machine."