3M Brand Machine Is Mesmerizing [VIDEO]
Post-it notes are know as a solution without a problem.  They were invented by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver. They headline this amazing video of this very cool Rube Goldberg-esque device.
Let’s Pizza! Amazing New Pizza Vending Machine [VIDEO]
Check out the new “Let’s Pizza” vending machine.  We might have them here in the states in the next year or so.  If stopping by your local pizza joint is a pain, you can just let this machine make this pizza for you right infront of your eyes...
K-Fox Super Prize Machine Pays Off Big For Huntington Man
The jackpot in the Prize machine has been building since October 30th of 2010!   This Saturday I was at Perry Ellis Kia in Lufkin and it was up to $5800!  I was noticing that the machine was getting HOT!  Started putting up Jackpots 2 at a time pretty regularly.
And then it happen…