Take it from someone that is said to have good hair, all of these are not true in every case, but interesting none the less. They call me "Good Hair Dan" around the office. Mostly because it's the only positive thing they can think of.

As much as I would love to research and look into all these so called 'facts' on this video, I don't think it would help. There is lots of conflicting information about hair. I have heard EVERY ONE of these things before.

I will say that trimming won't make your hair grow faster. It will keep the ends healthier so you can grow healthy hair. So Buzzfeed is only telling part of the story. It's still a great idea to get those old split ends trimmed. Cause split ends can continue to split and make it worse. The ends of your hair are the oldest thing on your body. It takes over a year to grow what would be considered 'long' hair. So that split end is like 2 years old.