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Slow Texas Drivers Can Get a Ticket for Doing This
Speeders and aggressive drivers might be the obvious ones to get traffic tickets, but officers are also looking for slow drivers and those folks will get a ticket in a certain situation. This is the one time that speeding up can actually help you avoid a citation.
Dan In Fake Life – Virtual Reality Chat
VRchat is a game on steam, most people wear a virtual reality headset and communicate with others. Once you get inside you'll find that It's mostly used to stomp memes into the dirt. What meme's I don't really know, I'm sure there are lots of inside jokes.
5 Things to Consider When Picking a New Grill
With that big football party coming up on Sunday, now is the time to get that new backyard grill to make your killer wing recipe even better. But do you know exactly what you're shopping for? If you need a little clarity on BTUs and ceramic grates, this will help.

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