‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Gets a Release Date (Sort Of)
'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' is still a thing that is happening despite the disappointing domestic box office of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' (thanks, Rest Of The World) and after years of behind the scenes turmoil, it looks like Disney has finally decided on a r…
Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs [VIDEO]
What if you took the apes out of 'Planet of the Apes' and replace them with Pugs? Well then you would have this movie. This fake trailer tells of a very cute future.
'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' is number one at the box office right now...
Star Wars Spoiler, Leaks On YouTube [WATCH]
SPOILER TEST! If this had been an actual spoiler this video would contain actual Star Wars Episode VII footage. But this is just a guy that is really good with Photoshop and video editing!
‘Enchanted 2′ Is Officially Happening
It's been seven years since Disney's 'Enchanted' charmed its way into our hearts, and now the film is finally getting a happily ever after with a sequel. 'Enchanted 2' is moving ahead with writers and a director and everything. But will Amy Adams return to reprise her r…

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