If you drive a pickup, they are the most popular vehicles in Texas and once again the most stolen, according to 2012 report from the Department of Public Safety.

Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge pickups, lead the top-10 list of vehicles targeted by Texas thieves. The Chevy Tahoe is 5th and a GMC pickup is 7th. Rounding out the top-10 list of stolen vehicles: the Honda Civic, Accord, Chevy Impala, Toyota Camry and Ford Taurus. Here's the complete list.

1) Ford Pickup

2) Chevrolet Pickup

3) Dodge Pickup

4) Honda Civic

5) Chevrolet Tahoe

6) Honda Accord

7) GMC Pickup

8) Chevrolet Impala

9) Toyota Camry

10) Ford Taurus

Officials say many of these vehicles - often a few years old - are stolen for parts. Some are sold to unsuspecting buyers, while others are taken and used in other crimes, for insurance fraud, or just for joyrides.

And state officials says no other crime cost Texans more than vehicle theft in 2011 – more than $621 million.