This video keeps popping up on my Facebook. I don't really know if it's real or not, but it's very interesting. The idea is that this guys friends made him think that he had been in a coma for 10 years after his 5th DUI.

Ray has some pretty dedicated friends to pull off this prank to get him to sober up. I don't really understand how they got all of this together in one night. Doesn't really make that much sense. But for some reason I think that he must have been in on it.

They found him in his truck passed out. But since that might have been an inevitable conclusion, they might have had time to put all this together. In the video a doctor comes in and tells him that it's the year 2023 and said his family had been notified that he woke up.

The best part was a fake newscast where Hillary Clinton was the first female president, Justin Beiber was married to a man, and Miley Cyrus was penniless and getting evicted from her trailer.

Hopefully Ray got the hint and is no longer drinking and driving.