At our house the one thing that usually goes to waste is fruits and vegetables. When you don't eat them all we just toss them in the trash. On top of that the growers also trash some that don't look particularly appealing.

I throw out lots of leftovers at the house. Sometime I think I am the only one that eats anything after it's being prepared. But if you take it further than your own house, even more waste is going on at the market, and the growers. When you are at the supermarket you only pick the best fruit and vegetables, but they are all just as good. Even "spoiled" produce can be used to create juices and supplements.

Intermarché, a French supermarket chain is working for an answer to stop things like that from happening. Instead of tossing out unloved foods the company decided to transform these into soups and fruit juices. They even started selling imperfect produce at a discount, and it really worked. Would you pay less for something a little imperfect. I know I would.