Okay I have a fat cat (his name is Jack) and could perhaps be a record holder. He has to be around 40 pounds - no joke.

Now don't get me wrong he is a big cat, without the extra weight. I have a dog and another "regular" cat. Problem is that you can't really restrict food from Jack. He will eat the dogs food when we aren't looking, plus eat all the cat food. I feel like he would have to be in a house with restricted access to food.

Also he is magic. You can brush him all you want all day long, and the next day you will still get a handful of hair, yet he is short haired. He loves to be brushed, and will get in your lap. It's kind of like having a 50 pound bag of flour on your legs. He will come when he is called, especially if you have his favorite cat treats, or as we call them Kitty Krack. He recently went to college for a couple of years, then got kicked out. Long story on that one.

He is fixed, declawed, shots, litter box trained and about 8-9 years old. Now that you have the good, here is the ugly.

If he gets in the back room and there is something on the floor he will use the bathroom on it. Number 1 and/or number 2. Blankets, Jackets, anything that resembles a litter box in shape and size. He makes a hacking, coughing sound occasionally, sneezes regularly (productive), and sometimes whistles through his nose when he sleeps. He stopped all this activity when he was a lone cat at college, he just has to be closely monitored. Most of these problems are a result of the little extra weight I suppose. He still gets around like a kitten and jumps to the tops of all the counters, chairs, and counters occasionally. I am not the original owner of this cat, but the responsibility has fallen on me. My son in the picture is normal sized...the cat is not.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want a character, not just a cat. He is good with kids, and ignores dogs, but a lovely cat nonetheless! Plus, find out what cool trick he can do!

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