As you may already know Jackass star Ryan Dunn 34, and a passenger died in a car crash early this morning  at 2:30am.  His 2007 Porsche 911 ran off the road and hit a tree and  burst into flames.  Ryan was driving and according to police, a preliminary investigation suggested that speed may have contributed to the one-car accident.  Other people say alcohol was involed as well.   Right before the accident Dunn posted a Twitter photo of himself drinking with friends.  I just watched him over the weekend on the game show Minute to Win It.

Back in August of 2005 Ryan Dunn was in Lufkin for a show at what then was the Electric Cowboy.  I got a chance to meet and "interview" him,  if you can call it that with Don Vito yelling through the entire thing.  It is strange to think he was standing right here to my left 6 years ago.  He was very polite, and seemed to be a really cool guy.  I was always impressed that I had met him.

Drinking and driving is never an option, and I am saddended that this is the way he will be remembered.   That and putting a toy car inside himself and going to the doctor for an X-Ray.  Don Vito actually brings that up in the interview.  Here is the actual audio from that interview.